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Welcome to Second Time Around

  We've always have had a love for animals, from the very smallest to the largest. Sitting around one evening , we caught a news flash on T.V. about some ya-hoos starving their horses, then an to death, another news flash about someone else abusing their animals, then another, the whole evening was overwhelming, that is when we decided animals don't deserve this they need a better way of living, and by gawd we're going to do our part to help, it will be our mission in life to see that thier Second Time Around is full of love, respect, and care.
  Hi Tim here, I'm one of the owners and operators here at Second Time Around, Marie & I main purpose for Second Time Around is the helping of abused, neglected, abandoned animals. If this is your first time to our website we'd like to Welcome you and hope you will take advanage of our service in some way if you believe in what where doing and don't have need of our service we'd love to invite you to make a Sponsor or Donate to the animals as running a rescue takes lots of money to operate because the need is so great as many of you know, Our gates are open to all animals and people, If you know or even think a animal is being abused in some way Please contact your local R.C.M.P. Detachment, Humane Society, S.P.C.A., or Veterinarian. Don't wait till it's to late, you can also Contact Us if your nerves or think your to close to the problem, we'll make that call for you. Let's work together and put a end to all this senseless abuse. If your finding yourself in a time of your life that having a animal has added stress to you, Please don't wait till the animal is so bad that it has to be put down or left unloved Contact Us we will give them a home till you work things out.

Our Mission
Is to provide a safe haven for abused, neglected, special needs, forgotten, thrown away, animals, to provide them with love, proper care and rehabilitation, and to hopefully place them with loving caring families as a adopted member of their family or a full time member. We run and started Second Time Around as I got so tired of reading how beautiful, loving, loyal animals rewards in life was to be thrown away, put down or even worse, because they became a burden, or their owners lost or forgot the reason they got the animal in the first place.

Perfect Gift
  If you are looking for a unique gift for that special person or furred, feathered or finned someone in your life, you might think about doing your shopping at Second Time Around Store. Not only will you be surprising them with a thoughtful present, but your gift will be helping animals as well!

  Second Time Around is a privately ran rescue ranch that take in abandoned, neglected or abused animals. Second Time Around provide a safe and loving environment for animals and help them to be adopted or foster by loving families or to simply live out their lives in peace. Second Time Around always need volunteers. Help is needed to care for the animals. Some of the other duties done by volunteers include feeding, exercising and caring for the animals, helping with fundraising, fencing and barn maintenance.

Would You Like To Help Us?
  If you are a strong believer in what work Second Time Around is doing and would like to do more than donate money to us, you could help by granting one of our Wish List. We would be so grateful for this. Getting anything off our wish list would cut down on extra cost, ex: hiring tractors, hauling hay, etc.

Special Thank You's

  •  We would like to Thank Pat Butler and family for donating a 2 horse trailer.
  •  Also a Thank You to Sasha for donating $100.00 in memory of her Life long horse Friend "Phenix ".
  •  To Scott Hunter for doing a such a awesome job taking care of our animals feet Thank You.
  •  To Roxanne & Ken Appell guys Thank you for helping us with the use of the Bob Cat, moving the bus in for us to store feed in, and all the other things that are to many to mention.
  •  To Chuck and Hester Ekema for donating hay and straw, and giving us some extra work when things were against it, Thank You.
  •  Thank You to Mike from Ontario that came out for a visit and ended up building a addition on the barn while he was here.
  •  To Donna & Erinie Dunning from B.C. for donating a very needed and helpful support.
  •  To Richard & Rose Inkster from Manitoba for driving out and donating their time helping around the place.
  •  We would like to Thank Michelle McCaw, and Her staff from CBC Radio's Blue Sky for inviting Second Time Around to be on thier show, it helped to get our message out there.
  •  Without the help and donations there would be no way of keeping the gates open..
  •  Learn how you can support with a "sponsorship"

Have a peek at some of the animals we've had over the years in our Gallery.
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